Our Philosophy / Vision

In MOMEN we are committed to design innovative and body positive clothing, while ensuring that we make a positive impact towards a healthier planet with our sustainable, 100% biodegradable fabrics and materials.

We strongly believe that labels in every aspect of modern human life are to exist only as apparel paper to be planted (“PLANT THE PAPER” initiative). Body, gender, social labels cease to exist for us. That’s why we consider MOMEN something much more than a clothing brand. It’s a way of living.

Because it’s true, you are what you wear.

MOMEN is constructed from the combination of the words Men & Women, so it’s a matter of fluidity. Gender-fluidity. In fact, a truly gender-fluid outfit like MOMEN isn’t just an outfit, it’s more a state of mind. The notion that clothing as an expression of our personality belongs to one gender or another is the social construct that needs disassembling.

In essence, MOMEN gender-fluid fashion isn’t limited by the traditional “menswear” and “womenswear” binary. Instead, the idea is that any given outfit completely disregards the association between specific clothes for men and women.

MOMEN apparel refers to all people environmentally and socially conscious. All people who want to make a difference in our planet. All people who want to approach our nature through fashion. Potentially, to every one of us.

So, don’t just be Men or Women. Be MOMEN.